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***Updated for Mother’s Day 2020***

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Seriously, a month away! If you are like me, you are just starting to think about gifts for the mothers in your life. I thought I would try to help you with that by making a Mother’s Day Gift Guide of a few of my favorite things that would make great gifts for Mother’s Day. I tried to stick with items that are available through Amazon Prime* (or easy to pick up locally). I mean really, how do we survive without it? If you are not already a member of Amazon Prime, get a 30-Day Free Trial*.

I am a big fan of useful gifts. You will not find any clutter on this list. so, to create this list, I took a look around me and walked through my house to find the items I actually use every day. Items that are actually useful to moms, at least this one.

1. Yeti Cup

Very cold water is so much better to me than cool water. We all know how important water intake is at any stage of life, but particularly when pregnant or nursing. My Yeti cup* has been my constant companion through my journey into motherhood. I have had my big 30oz Yeti Cup* for about 5 years. It is showing a little wear but still serves me well. It is very rarely out of my reach. My husband knows I cannot go to sleep without a fresh cup on my nightstand and he sweetly fixes it for me most nights. Warms my heart.

Yeti was a tough sell for me. I thought it was a big fad, but I was given my cup and am officially a convert. My husband was even more of a skeptic and he takes one of the big 64oz jugs with him every day now too. I have the plain ‘ole silver original cup, but for some reason, it was a lot more expensive on Amazon than the new ones, so this link* takes you to those instead. They also have fancy new lids that close, so you do not pour cold water all over yourself when you drop it (guilty). For the record, I still think the coolers and many of their other products are a bit over the top, but I like the cups and bottles.

A perfect gift for the new mother in your life!

2. A Nice Card

I do not mean a card that is full of sappy words someone else wrote. I mean a thoughtful handwritten card that expresses love and appreciation. Motherhood is hard and words of affirmation are like a healing balm. Tell the moms in your life what they mean to you and how much you appreciate them. That’s better than any gift.

*Pro Tip* I buy all of my cards at TJMAXX. They are around $1.99 and so much nicer than what you will find at the grocery store or really anywhere outside of a true stationary store. 

3. Let’s Talk Coffee

I love coffee. I mean really love coffee. Not like my husband who does not function before a few sips of coffee in the morning, but like I really enjoy coffee and am always up for a cup, but can function without it. It’s the small things in life really. When my husband is home, he makes the coffee. Swoon. It really is my love language. Mamas need coffee. It’s a fact. Below are my favorite coffee things.

French Press

We do french press coffee. We received our Le Creuset French Press* as a wedding gift and it is great. It’s pricey and I am sure you could find a cheaper option that would work just as well. Le Creuset brings me joy. Get mama anything Le Creuset and she will be happy. At least I would be. I’m eyeing the coffee mugs* these days.


We drink Peet’s Major Dickason’s Blend. I usually buy it mass quantities when it goes on sale. Harris Teeter and Kroger tend to have the best sales regularly. I did find it Buy One Get One Free at Target one time. This is a great last minute gift because you can pick it up at the grocery store and, even if you have to pay full price, it’s pretty reasonable (for a gift).

Coffee Grinder

We grind our beans and it really makes a big difference. We use a basic coffee grinder but are hoping to upgrade to a burr grinder. I have done the research and this coffee grinder by Bodum* is what we will get when we bite the bullet. *Hint Hint, Dear*
Update: I received this coffee grinder for my birthday and we love it!

Electric Kettle

Again, our electric kettle was a wedding gift and we use it every day. Multiple times a day. We use it for coffee, hot tea, and to brew iced tea (sweet tea, as if there is any other kind). I think this is the one we have*. It works great. Over three years and going strong. This is great for a mom. You can flip the switch on your way to getting baby out of bed and when you’re finished nursing, your water is ready for tea or coffee. No obnoxious hissing or boiled off water.

4. Speaking of Tea

I also enjoy a cup of hot tea. I used to work at a tea room and could give you a recommendation based on your or your mother’s preferences (just ask), but here I am just going to tell you my favorite. Simpson and Vail have a collection of teas with literary names. They are so fun. William Shakespeare’s Black Tea Blend* is my personal favorite. It is a black tea with bergamot and flowers and herbs. I recommended it often in the tea room and most people really enjoyed it. I am actually enjoying a cup right now. I like it best with cream and sugar. I spend $10 per tin in the tea room. Amazon sells it for less, but shop local, right?

5. Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker

If you know a mother who does not have an Instant Pot*, then you’ve found your gift. I use mine for everything. Wellness Mama even has it on her list of must-have baby items! I sterilize my pumping supplies, make baby food, cook dinner, make yogurt, and a host of other things. I had an evening of pure terror when I thought mine had died (error message, nothing dangerous). It seems to be working fine again, but since then my husband keeps asking if we need a new one. He gets it. If the mother in your life already has an Instant Pot, my must-have accessories are an extra sealing ring*, extra liner*, and glass lid*.

Rapid Fire Round

6. Lunch Date

I think this is I’m doing with my mother. Lunch at our favorite lunch spot with my grandma. The best gift is quality time.

7. Potted Plant

Last year, I gave my mother a potted orchid. It is currently blooming again. The gift that keeps on giving.

8. Fresh Flowers

There is nothing quite like having fresh flowers in the house. Every time I see them they make me smile. Just me?

Extra Mile

9. Wine Subscription

My husband and I did this for about six months before we got pregnant and it was a lot of fun. I succeeded in finding a red wine my husband will actually drink and we bought a case that should last the rest of our lives. There are many options for wine subscription services, but we used Winc* at the recommendation of a friend. By the way, the red wine was the 2016 Chop Shop Cabernet Sauvignon. It pairs really well with red meat. *Note* In order to cancel this subscription, at least when I did it, you have to talk to a customer service representative. You can use the chat feature, so it is not too much of a pain, but heads up.

I am surprised that a year later my list is still pretty solid. All I really needed to update was that we have the coffee grinder and we love it. Every product or gift idea on here has stood the test of time (you know, a whole entire year). 

If my gift ideas resonate with you, you might also like my Baby Must-Haves and Pregnancy Must Haves

What are you getting the mothers in your life for Mother’s Day? Let me know in the comments!


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