Am I the only one who has a vision for the type of mom I want to be? My husband and I have a dream for our family and goals we hope to accomplish. I thought I should share these goals and this vision with my readers early on in case my vision does not jive with yours. It will save you some time or you can get excited about what is to come. 

1. We are Christians. This informs and shapes our entire life. We understand that our hopes and dreams are not always God’s plan for our lives. We trust our future to God and even if none of these goals or dreams come to pass, He is still good. 

2. We want four children. I used to say four boys, but girl things are so stinking cute I want a girl now. We are planning (praying) to have them pretty close together due to our ages (He is 33 and I’m 28) and my endometriosis. 

3. We plan to homeschool. I was homeschooled through the sixth grade and think it played a huge part in creating a strong foundation. The idea is to raise our children in a greenhouse, not to shield them from the world, but to prepare them before throwing them into it. Currently, I am interested in Charlotte Mason’s method of education, but my son is 6 months old. There is plenty of time to change my mind. 

4. We live in the country. We own a piece of land and plan to build a “new old house” in the next few years. My husband has spent the last six months of his off time disassembling a house built in the 1800s that was going to be torn down. He salvaged really amazing materials for us to use when we build our house. 

5. We like the idea of raising our children outside. We will farm and have a garden and get our hands dirty. We also have to drive forty-five minutes to a decent grocery store, so a well stocked pantry is a must.

6. My husband works away from home. His current schedule allows him to be home for a month and at work for a month. We have been married since 2017 and I thought it would get easier, but it just gets harder. 

7. We believe in traditional values when it comes to our faith, work, discipline, and grace.

So, if you love Jesus, live in the country, want a lot of children, like old houses and farming, want to homeschool and garden, and believe in traditional values, this blog is for you! If not, you’re welcome too, but you’ve been warned.

What is your vision for your family? What are your goals and values?